We had three of our students Dan testing on Sunday, November 5th! Mr Jack Begg to Il Dan and Mr Scott Ewen & Mr Jamie Garrow to Ee Dan. The three of them did brilliantly and have each put in countless hours of training to get themselves prepared for the testing and impressed the examiners and audience with their techniques, skill and effort and are very deserving of their belts!

Pil Seung!!!

Thank you very much to the examiners- Master & Mrs Macarthur of Newtonhill CKD and to the floor commander Kwanginum Stott and to Ms Boylan for her assistance, both of Logie Durno CKD.

And a big shout out to the audience for creating a brilliant atmosphere and for cheering on the three students and helping them through a tiring 3 hour grading! See a selection of photos and videos from the day.

Our next colour/tag grading will be held on Sunday, December 3rd.